27/4Design News: a shape-shifting yacht, a traditional upholstery technique gets an upgrade


Studio Dafi Reis Doron has taken a traditional upholstery technique called capitonnage and upgraded it in this lounge sofa entitled Lignes de Capiton. [Design Milk]

The Evo 43 yacht features a shape-shifting design with a cockpit that transforms through a smartphone. The deck space expands to an impressive 270 square feet and the cockpit includes lounge chairs a platform that takes passengers from the dock into the boat. [Architectural Digest]

Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Manchester was recently opened by Lord Foster and the Duchess of Cornwall. This cancer retreat is meant to provide a home away from home for patients where their families can receive free emotional and social support. A tranquil garden and greenhouse are some of its features while the timber canopy creates a cohesive space with the appearance of no separation. [Design Boom]

Budapest-based photographer Zsolt Hlinka has created a photo exhibit that alters the perception of a historic thoroughfare. ‘100-year-old houses’ makes the buildings appear as tunnels leading toward an open sky, contrasting the geometric architecture with clear space. [Design Boom]

Source:: SIRC