23/8Sun Peaks Rotary Club ‘Charter Day’ is September 17, 2017

Thanks to Brenda Wilkinson for taking on the leadership and to her husband David Fedor for tremendous encouragement and experience to begin a Rotary Club in Sun Peaks. A true sign of a growing community, this growing group of local volunteers has already made significant strides with fundraising for projects in our community and has been connecting on a wide scale with other Rotary Clubs.
On September 17, 2017 the official Charter Meeting w​ill​ take place to recognize ‘Rotary Club of Sun Peaks’.
Projects already underway or completed, such as serving breakfast to the Blue Moon Elvis Festival which this year included​ forest fire evacuees in Barriere, clean up after concerts, and ​a ​raffle to raise money for the Sun Peaks Secondary Academy ​have attracted many volunteer efforts to raise funds for local and international projects.  The Rotary Club of Sun Peaks also took part in a Literary project Spelling B in Kamloops to raise money for the local Sun Peaks Elementary.​
Future community fundraising events are currently being organized by Sun Peaks Rotary Club, including: 
*Scavenger Hunt!’  – proceeds to the Sun Peaks Skate Park – Sunday, Sept 17 2017 at 1:30 pm
Sign up your team for this event which will surely be a good time for a good cause!